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On Vacation With Lestat... - ~Anne Rice RPG~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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On Vacation With Lestat... [Jun. 4th, 2005|06:46 pm]
~Anne Rice RPG~


[mood |happyhappy]

I nodded agreeing 100% with Lestat about the tiger cubs being dangerous. "Okay. I mean I was wondering how we would feed them by hand as they are cubs. Unless these cubs are hunting on their own as of now." I said to him.

I thought for a moment and then smiled at Lestat. He was admiring me and I loved it when he did so. But I loved it also when I admired him. Every inch of his body. I grinned at him. It would be wonderful if my darling had a hammock on the island so that we could relax together under the moonlight with each other in each others arms. I would also like to have a swing to swing in. But I don't want to bother him and ruin his paradise. Tay it belongs to him...let him do what he wants to do with his island.

[User Picture]From: lebratlestat
2005-06-04 05:22 pm (UTC)
"Oh, love..." I whispered. I kissed her cheek softly and wiped away her tears. "I can find one for you. This place is perfect for horse ridding. There is even another small house that is empty that could be used as a stable."

Before she could even answer, I grabbed my cell phone and composed again the same number. I knew it was starting to be very late for my poor helper, but he was very well paid, and not minding to wake up in the night. "Bonsoir, it is me again." I paused as he was half asleep on the phone. "Mmm. I was wondering something. Could you get me a Clydesdale horse, too? The most beautiful you can find. And everything that goes with it, of course. No, I don't mind about the price.. I know it's late, I am sorry. I will give you a big bonus if you can find me that... For tomorrow evening too, yes. You know I can't be there in the daylight... Yes. Yes that is perfect. Thank you."

I closed the cellphone and smiled. "No worries, he knows what I am. That man won't freak out." I laughed softly and looked at the hole. Come here, bunnies...
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[User Picture]From: vampire_tay
2005-06-04 05:27 pm (UTC)
I stood there basically in awe as he purchased a clydesdale. "Lestat...I was going to buy myself anotherone. But thank you anyways for buying me one. What will you ride?" I asked him.

I wasn't worried that the mysterious guy knew about Lestat being a Vampire. I trusted him. I waited paitently and then sat down on the ground and waited for the bunnies to come. I smiled up at him and took his hand into my own and pulled him down to the ground next to me. I was shocked that Lestat was spending so much money on me. I was beginning to wonder if he thought I was using him...in which I wasn't.
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[User Picture]From: lebratlestat
2005-06-04 05:39 pm (UTC)
I smiled softly as she pulled me down to the ground, holding my hand. Oh, how I was willing to do anything for her! I softly took her hand to my lips and kissed it, then pointed the hole.

A big bunny came out, a black one, followed by many little babies. All different shades between black and white. They were so beautiful. I took the mother in my hand and put her on my lap as she moved her little nose, and I took out a treat for her, that I was keeping in my jacket.

"You will see what I will ride later..." I told her softly. "There is one wild horse on the island. Only one. Which is why I called to buy a new one. You'll have a female, by the way." I smiled softly.
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