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On Vacation With Lestat... - ~Anne Rice RPG~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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On Vacation With Lestat... [Jun. 4th, 2005|06:46 pm]
~Anne Rice RPG~


[mood |happyhappy]

I nodded agreeing 100% with Lestat about the tiger cubs being dangerous. "Okay. I mean I was wondering how we would feed them by hand as they are cubs. Unless these cubs are hunting on their own as of now." I said to him.

I thought for a moment and then smiled at Lestat. He was admiring me and I loved it when he did so. But I loved it also when I admired him. Every inch of his body. I grinned at him. It would be wonderful if my darling had a hammock on the island so that we could relax together under the moonlight with each other in each others arms. I would also like to have a swing to swing in. But I don't want to bother him and ruin his paradise. Tay it belongs to him...let him do what he wants to do with his island.

[User Picture]From: vampire_tay
2005-06-04 05:27 pm (UTC)
I stood there basically in awe as he purchased a clydesdale. "Lestat...I was going to buy myself anotherone. But thank you anyways for buying me one. What will you ride?" I asked him.

I wasn't worried that the mysterious guy knew about Lestat being a Vampire. I trusted him. I waited paitently and then sat down on the ground and waited for the bunnies to come. I smiled up at him and took his hand into my own and pulled him down to the ground next to me. I was shocked that Lestat was spending so much money on me. I was beginning to wonder if he thought I was using him...in which I wasn't.
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[User Picture]From: lebratlestat
2005-06-04 05:39 pm (UTC)
I smiled softly as she pulled me down to the ground, holding my hand. Oh, how I was willing to do anything for her! I softly took her hand to my lips and kissed it, then pointed the hole.

A big bunny came out, a black one, followed by many little babies. All different shades between black and white. They were so beautiful. I took the mother in my hand and put her on my lap as she moved her little nose, and I took out a treat for her, that I was keeping in my jacket.

"You will see what I will ride later..." I told her softly. "There is one wild horse on the island. Only one. Which is why I called to buy a new one. You'll have a female, by the way." I smiled softly.
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