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On Vacation With Lestat... - ~Anne Rice RPG~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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On Vacation With Lestat... [Jun. 4th, 2005|06:46 pm]
~Anne Rice RPG~


[mood |happyhappy]

I nodded agreeing 100% with Lestat about the tiger cubs being dangerous. "Okay. I mean I was wondering how we would feed them by hand as they are cubs. Unless these cubs are hunting on their own as of now." I said to him.

I thought for a moment and then smiled at Lestat. He was admiring me and I loved it when he did so. But I loved it also when I admired him. Every inch of his body. I grinned at him. It would be wonderful if my darling had a hammock on the island so that we could relax together under the moonlight with each other in each others arms. I would also like to have a swing to swing in. But I don't want to bother him and ruin his paradise. Tay it belongs to him...let him do what he wants to do with his island.

[User Picture]From: vampire_tay
2005-06-04 07:58 pm (UTC)
When I awoke the next evening I sorta freaked. I didn't normally sleep in a confined space. I let out a soft cry of terror. I couldn't get out. Then I realized I was with Lestat. I probably awoke him by freaking. I felt a solitary tear fall from my face. I must have freaked out pretty bad for a tear to fall.

"Lestat...Lestat...I'm scared. Where are we?" I asked.
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[User Picture]From: lebratlestat
2005-06-04 08:11 pm (UTC)
"It is alright..." I whispered as I slowly opened my eyes and took her in my arms. "I am here. We are on my island, in my coffin. There is no danger, I am here."

With the mind gift, I moved the lid of the coffin and lighted up the candles in the room so it wouldn't be too dark.

"Remember? The baby tigers and the horse are coming to us tonight."
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[User Picture]From: vampire_tay
2005-06-04 08:14 pm (UTC)
I relaxed against him again just resting for a moment. "I'm sorry. I freaked. That's never happened before. Hey do you think the animals are here?" I asked sitting up rather quickly.
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[User Picture]From: lebratlestat
2005-06-04 08:25 pm (UTC)
"Do not appologize..." I said softly. "It is normal. Louis was freaking out first, too. First night, he woke up screaming.. Oh, but that, he won't admit." I laughed and kissed her deeply, then pulled away to lick her earlobe.

"They are not here yet. They will be here in around one hour."
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