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In New Orleans - ~Anne Rice RPG~ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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In New Orleans [Jul. 20th, 2005|12:55 am]
~Anne Rice RPG~
The night has just begun and I awaken out of my slumber. I have a nice beautiful home on in the French Quarter. Lestat I know lives here and this is his section of New Orleans, but I'm willing to pay a pretty penny to him for him to allow me to live here. I slide out of bed and walk to my closet to choose the nights clothes. I choose a spaghetti strap pearl colored silk dress. I put the pearls in my hair and before leaving out of my room I stop to look at my maker and his beloved child. The picture of my Marius and my Amadeo smiling back at me.

I wondered what they had been up to. Could I find them here in New Orleans or would I have to go to Night Island to find Amadeo. I knew that the blood hadn't bound mine and Amadeo's thoughts so I called out to him. Amadeo if you can here me I would so love to see you tonight. Meet me on Bourbon street at the little cafe. Its your lovely pearl Bianca Solderini. I know you're alive Amadeo.

I then made my way to Bourbon street to the cafe where I went indoors and ordered a water and went to the farthest corner where it was dark and waited for my beloved Amadeo to arrive

From: bianca81
2005-07-31 06:39 am (UTC)
I could only hope that Amadeo wouldn't be hurt with Marius for turning me. I had been in London once but then I left. I thought I would be lucky enough to find Amadeo there, but my luck had failed me. Then I had heard about Night Island and how he came to New Orleans every once in awhile to get away from things and to try to be himself.

I was getting bored listening to the deathly amount of voices in my head. Thoughts. People's thoughts. I had learned to tone them out when Marius was teaching me about the blood. What would Amadeo say to me for abandoning Marius? I could only hope he'd understand.
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From: armand_de_kiev
2005-07-31 06:46 am (UTC)
I was staying in another hotel. Another hotel.

Not that I minded. I got a lot of fun out of the televisions, the electronic safes, the room service buzzers. It was brilliant that you could just press a button and have some smartly dressed member of staff bring you whatever you fancied. I never actually fancied anything on the hotel menu, but I liked to look at it. At least ordering food helped avoid any suspicion on my part.

I didn't miss Marius at the moment; the last meeting I'd had with him hadn't gone so well, and I didn't feel like repeating it. Yet. He obviously didn't miss me. Or if he did, he was too cowardly to come and find me.

I was playing chess against my laptop and messaging my online mortal 'friends' when that old, familiar voice filled my head. Amadeo if you can here me I would so love to see you tonight. Meet me on Bourbon street at the little cafe. Its your lovely pearl Bianca Solderini. I know you're alive Amadeo. If any of the semi-nocturnal mortals had looked closely enough at the image produced by my webcam they might have spotted the slight look of shock passing across my face. Then it was gone, along with my immediate reaction. But I would go and see her. Definitely.

Typing quick goodbyes in all my messenger windows, I closed the laptop and pulled on the scuffed old denim jacket I'd dropped on my bed earlier. Then, taking the elevator to ground floor, I left my keys with the polite man at the reception desk and headed off to meet Bianca.

Something distracted me on the way to the cafe. Something just as familiar as Bianca's voice, or perhaps even more.


It wouldn't hurt to go and say hello before I went to the other cafe, would it?

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From: bianca81
2005-07-31 07:01 am (UTC)
She waved away the waitress and was getting aggrivated that Amadeo hadn't arrived yet. Maybe he wasn't in New Orleans. Maybe he was on Night Island for the week or something.

She sighed and looked towards the entrance in hopes of seeing that beautiful angel boy. The one she had grown to love in Venice. The one she took care of when Marius was never around. The one who hid under her bed for safety or to feel safe. She smiled softly remembering the memories of it all.

She knew there was two other vampires out on the town tonight. One she knew as Louis. The other...was a fledgeling of Louis. She thought Louis has a fledgling? How is it so? He never wanted another to suffer as much as he had?
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From: bianca81
2005-07-31 07:06 am (UTC)
(occ: moving into louis thread)
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